Sweet Streams Chocolate Fountains is a hassle free, completely catered experience.   Our professional attendants arrive at your location early to prepare the area and set-up the Chocolate Fountain.  They remain present and actively assist your guests in enjoying the experience, while maintaining a neat and pleasurable environment.

We have available risers, wooden skewers, linens, a wide array of platters, and serving pieces. Afterwards the fountains are discretely removed and the area is returned to its original condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between renting a chocolate fountain and a catered chocolate fountain company?

Some rental companies offer chocolate fountains similar to renting tools or other equipment. Typically it is picked up at the store; sign a lease agreement, chocolate needs to be purchased and prepared, the fountain has to be set-up including electrical considerations. Then the food must be prepared and displayed. When the party is over, the fountain must be dismantled and completely cleaned before returning it to the store.

Typically how long can I have the fountain running at my event?

Under normal circumstances, 2-2 ½ hours is the standard running time for the Chocolate Fountains. This does not include set-up or removal time. If a longer time period is requested, there is a flat labor fee of $35 per half-hour.

Can I have a Chocolate Fountain at my outdoor event?

You can enjoy the Chocolate Fountain at your outdoor event using our patented wind guard. An essential consideration is having access to a power supply.

Is it possible to have more than one fountain at my event?

Absolutely. Quite often larger parties will request multiple fountains of different sizes to accommodate their guests. Using dark, milk, and white chocolate in different fountains satisfy every taste. We offer discounts for multiple fountains.

Can I include other items that are not on your list of dipping items at my event?

Yes. Our list includes a wide variety of tasty treats. Be sure to check with one of hosts beforehand considering that some foods may be too crumbly, or not easily adapted to the smooth flow of the fountain.

Do I have any say in the attire worn by the fountain attendants at my event?

Since not all events are formal, and to personalize each party, the client may choose from themed (Hawaiian shirts), casual, semi-formal, or formal attire for our attendants.


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